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P O R T   E L I Z A B E T H

Photo Hire & Sourcing is committed to offering you the very best in reliable world class rental equipment and accessories.  Our vast inventory includes a full range of popular camera, lighting and digital equipment from the industry's top manufacturers.

Every piece of our equipment is routinely cleaned and checked to maintain its excellent condition.  We also perform another check prior to collection so you can enjoy reliable performance while on assignment.

Join our long list of happy customers who are reaping the benefits of dealing with PHOTO HIRE & SOURCING, who will stop at nothing to ensure you, our client are happy at the end of every shoot.
If you cant find what you are looking for here, please ask:

If we don't have it ..... we'll source it !!!!

Our operating hours are:

MONDAY - FRIDAY:  08:30 - 17:30
WEEKENDS:  By appointment only

+27 41 373 0674  /    +27 74 216 1131