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Step 1: Click on Photo Gallery

Step 2: Click on appropriate sport.

Step 3: Click on event.

Step 4: Scroll down till you find the photo you looking for.

Step 5: Click on photograph to see a bigger image.

Step 6: Use the "Add/View Cart" to add the picture to Email order list.

Step 7: Follow the instructions (e.g.: Select Size or Quantity’s, ens) on the open window and click on "Add to Cart".

Step 8: To keep on shopping click on "Back to Album" or complete the order be clicking "Checkout".

Shipping option: "PickUp or South Africa"

Step 9: Fill in all information where needed in the next window.

Please note: That we have no credit card option available.

Step 10: Submit your order by clicking "Email Order"

Step 11: Your order will be email to you or have the option to view and print order.

Step 12: Transfer the money to our account and e-mail or fax the deposit slip.

Please note: Baking details will show on your order form.

Step 11: Always use your Initials & Surname as reference.

Step 12: We will process your order as soon as we receive the proof of payment.

Step 13: Your photos will be mailed to the given address.

Please allow two week to receive your parcel
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